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Traditional Haenyeo Costume Experience Exhibition_Miya's closet

Miyas Closet

MiyasCloset means Miya's wardrobe. Miya, who settled in Jeju Island after 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, majoring in apparel studies at university and worked for Korean major domestic companies, discovered the harmony of the natural scenery of Jeju Island and the beauty of Korean traditional hanbok, and opened a hanbok rental shop. Unlike other hanbok rental shops, it has created good memories for many foreign tourists through a private experience that combines Jeju Island's natural environment and historical and cultural storytelling .

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Filming a music video of a popular Malaysian singer

In March 2019, Malaysian top singer Wany Hasrita shot her new music video in the Miyas closet Studio wearing Miyas closet Hanbok.

Following the introduction of the Indonesian public broadcaster NET TV Indonesia Jeju Island episode, Miyas closet became known to Southeast Asian tourists.

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How to effectively promote haenyeo culture

Attracted by the haenyeo culture while interacting with local haenyeo, Miya designed a newly reinterpreted traditional haenyeo costume to be loved by young people by adding a hanbok's fit, tangerine symbolizing Jeju, and an oreum.

In addition, the "community spirit of living with neighbors" and "wisdom of life coexisting with nature" were all symbols of strong women, creating unique experiences that can only be done in Jeju, where people can take pictures of their lives, and were loved by many Korean tourists last year.

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I definitely recommend this experience

I definitely recommend this experience. It's a chance to wear designer Miya's haenyeo uniform and it's a pictorial no matter where you take pictures indoors or nearby, so I hope you experience it.You will learn about haenyeo through the video before the experience. The location is also near the airport, so I recommend it as an experience on the first or last day of travel. I experienced it on the last day of my mother-daughter trip, and my mother's satisfaction was very high. It will be a good memory for family trip, friends trip, marriage, lovers, and couples.The two hosts are so kind, too.Thanks to you, I became a celebrity. ^^ Everyone, experience it and make good memories! by Mihyun

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