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Korean Mermaid_Polish Novel

​Korean mermaid, Polish Korean haenyeo novel

Hae-mi, a young haenyeo who inherited her job from her grandmother and mother, is also a hobby of diving because she loves the sea and brings in sea trash. Her dream is to create an environmental protection organization to preserve the sea and to promote haenyeo and establish a big haenyeo school to preserve the job of haenyeo.
A man suddenly appears in her ordinary life where she lives with her grandmother and mother and reads a book while sitting on a bench in front of a sea-viewed house after work every day..

Mermaid, Polish poetry

Born as a woman, but we called her a mermaid. 

It was because they called the sea mother and considered dolphins as sisters. 


At an age when she doesn't know anything about love. 

She was engaged to him to make an eternal promise in the deep sea. 


She danced with the current and the waves to soothe my sorrow. 

Every day, she greeted the horizon with laughter and gained new strength. 


at the end of her life now 

In tears of old age, in the sea, she regain her youth and taste freedom.

A haenyeo shed tears while missing the sea_Polish poem

I miss the view of the horizon I saw in the middle of the sea.
where the sky and the water continue and the worries subside

I miss the soothing embrace of the sea.
That's when I gave up my body and swam deeper and deeper.

I miss the confession of love for hundreds of shells.
"Love is where your heart lives," whispered the confession.

My mind disappeared into the sea.
The sea seems to deepen and weave into my tears.

at the end of one's life now
In tears of old age, in the sea, we regain our youth and taste freedom.


Olivia, who runs a blog called "Korean Mermaid" in Polish, introduces Korean culture and especially Jeju haenyeo to Polish people. While working for a large company in Korea, she writes her own poems with  illustrations and posts novels on her blog. Posting her love and daily life with her Korean husband on a blog, she is a leading-edge Korean Wave evangelist

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Oliwia In

Writer : Polish novel, Poem, illustrator, Blogger

Oliwia, who came to Korea from Poland 12 years ago, will publish her debut book, "Korea's Mermaid," in Poland in January this year, out of interest and respect for haenyeo.

"Koreańska Syrena" is a novel about a young haenyeo's love story and a work aimed at promoting the career of haenyeo and the beauty of Jeju Island worldwide. Olivia shares illustrations, poems and articles related to haenyeo on her personal blog and promotes haenyeo culture to Polish people who are interested in Korea.


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