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Daniel Lee, CEO of The Planet Jeju / Executive Director of Dream Nest, an educational non-profit organization

Haenyeo dive into the sea without any mechanical devices and hold their breath to collect seafood. In fact, the ocean is a world that has not been pioneered by humans as much as the outer space. Haenyeo's material work is both a fundamental economic activity and at the same time challenging human limitations. Haenyeo is challenging her limits in everyday life.

In order to understand haenyeo, we must first understand Jeju Island, a land of barren conditions. A land where rice paddy farming is impossible due to insufficient water, and only some fields can be farmed. Men go out to the sea to catch fish, but 50% of them die in a storm. Without a chance to rely on him or be frustrated by herself, Haenyeo would have jumped into the sea to feed her family. To me, haenyeo are more proud than Korean women's gold medalists who won the gold medal at the Olympics.

It is known that haenyeo experience content was planned and commercialized to tourists, and after my appearing as a panel on the KBS Jeju Content Antenna "Meet Haenyeo Content", I got to know many people who make haenyeo content.

Among them, we have invited people who make a cute and lovely image of haenyeo and organized "Little Hae-nyeo exhibition". Instead of a heavy image of a haenyeo, we wanted to deliver a bright haenyeo message that gives hope in the Covid era. I visited each and every one of the exhibitors and told them the purpose of the exhibition, but they all gladly accepted it. They have all worked with a sense of mission to promote the value of Jeju Island and haenyeo despite difficult conditions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and support the writers who participated.

​"Haenyeo is a strong real feminist," "Haenyeo is a silent monks," "Haenyeo is a ballerina in the sea," and "Haenyeo is a lovely mermaid." The writers reinterpret the haenyeo and melt them into content..

The exhibition in a small space, which has been used as a simple and lovely private house called Little Haenyeo, can also find the meaning of regenerating the original city center. It is a village culture experiment and a women's writer exhibition without the help of a common support project. Most of the writers who participated are working hard on their dreams after overcoming a career break caused by childcare.

The constraint of Covid makes this small exhibition more suitable. 

The number of concurrent entries is limited to seven. 
The online exhibition has also been made into an English version, meaning that it is an online global exhibition of haenyeo contents. 

In addition, we applied augmented reality technology.

Above all, I hope it will be a small comfort for families who are going through difficult times with Covid.

If the Covid situation improves, there are also plans to have offline exhibitions in Seoul and abroad this year.

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Yang Jin-gun, President

 Jeju National University

Storytelling Center 

It is no exaggeration to say that we all became voluntary exile with Covid virus. 
The characteristic of a successful exile is "immersion." 
The Little Haenyeo exhibition is a small place that shows the consequences of voluntary exile's immersion. 
I hope it will be a small force to endure difficult times..

Go Bongsu, President

 Jeju Yongdam Living Culture Center

We need a culture for local residents, and we desperately need to challenge each and every resident to enhance their cultural enjoyment. 
This is because each individual resident has to have a higher cultural index and cultural enjoyment to have a meaning of cultural autonomy. 
Given that the residents are the owners, planners, and participants of cultural autonomy, the Little Haenyeo exhibition, which is a small but great challenge, adds great applause and support.

Kim Youngshim,Chairman

Jeju Yongma Village Association

Hae-nyeo is a representative symbol of Jeju, which is listed in UNESCO, but also symbolizes a woman who firmly pioneered her own life in any circumstances. I think it's the same as everyone who prepared this exhibition even in difficult circumstances due to Covid 19.
So I think this exhibition will be a time to give hope to other people like haenyeo.

Yang Keunhyuk, Chairman, Jeju Yongdam2-dong Youth Association


Congratulations on the small exhibition "Little Hae-nyeo."  I would like to thank the organizer for preparing for an opportunity to empathize with the culture at a time when the cultural and artistic business is shrinking due to the corona. As it's prepared in a difficult situation, we ask for your interest and I want to say thank you to the writers who participated.

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