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Coral haenyeo

Coral haenyeo

The title 'Coral Haenyeo' is a story of a good haenyeo bokrye who was invited to Palace of sea kings after saving a turtle. 'Dolangi Field Citrus Tree' and'Field gradma' tell us about the heart of farming. 'A deep friend' and'a shoulder companion's heart companion' portrayed friendships with friends. In addition, it is filled with various interesting stories, such as'Across the Sea', a story of finding a lost family,'I'm sorry for bringing you a dream doll' to remind you of your love for nature, and'Lulu's Glass Marbles' that you will receive a surprise gift from a goblin.

The writer's words

I live and farm in a mountainous village in Jeju Island. In the past, I cultivated various kinds of farming such as rapeseed, beans, carrots, potatoes, and tangerines, but now I run a radish and mandarin orchard. At the same time, I also write.

Listening to the writers' stories, there are many people who have liked to read books since childhood, so they read a lot, like to daydream, or say that the writer was a dream. But my case is a little different.

I was born with a flaw in my face.
 There were many things I couldn't do. I wasn't good at sports, I couldn't sing, and my hair style was very tacky short hair until I graduated elementary school. 
Whenever I envy pretty children, when I envy athletic children, whenever I envy children who sing well, whenever I envy sophisticated children, I read books close by. 
I tried to fill in my shortcomings by reading textbooks and fairy tale books. Such efforts have continued until now when I became an adult. by Jeongbae Kim

A writing field created in the heart like a delta

Have you ever heard of the word delta?
It's a flat land that has a triangular shape of soil and sand that has been washed away by a river. At this time, as sand or soil floated down the river, he probably didn't think he had to be a rice paddy or a field. But these little grains have been flowing nonstop for a very long time, and at some point they are piled up, and they have become the land that grows the grain.
Me, too. I didn't think I should be a writer from the beginning. As I read a little bit of the book, I found a writing field in my mind like a delta, and I harvested the fourth fairy tale book from that writing field.

by Jeongbae Kim

Shark without breath

If any of the readers of this book are concerned about their weaknesses, try to find out what you can do in your place. If you do it consistently, you may have unexpected results. It's as if a shark without a breath became a powerhouse in the ocean as a result of the constant movement to keep from sinking.

There are eight articles in this book. I hope it will help you have a good heart. I would like to express my gratitude to my nephew Dayoung, who took a busy time to draw illustrations. by Jeongbae Kim


Kim Jeong-bae

Fairy tale writer

I started writing fairy tales while receiving the Seogwipo New Human Literature Award and the Children's Literature Criticism Award, and I received the Rural Women's Newspaper Story Competition Excellence Award. There is a fairy tale book, "Grandmother's Tewak," a picture fairy tale, "Anther," and "The Little Lighthouse Dodaebul".


Picture Dayoung Kim

After graduating from the College of Education at Jeju National University, She was studying cultural content education at Korea National University of Education.

With the heart of loving children and cherishing children's literature, I drew a picture of a fairy tale book for the first time.

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