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Haenyeo painter Kim Jae-Yi

When it comes to haenyeo, people often think of a grandmother or aunt who is full of sorrows in life as much as the wrinkles on her face. However, Kim puts a lot of modern haenyeo with a young and confident image on the canvas. This is because the grandmother haenyeo had a young day.

After moving to Jeju in 2011 and drawing illustrations with a studio in Gapado, Kim asked for a photo shoot to put a haenyeo on canvas, but when he heard from the haenyeo,'When I was young and pretty, how would it be nice if someone told me to film it like now'. I wanted to draw the appearance of young haenyeo.

American exhibition at a turning point

After turning from an illustrator to a western painter in 2016, Kim moved to the United States, and is expected to return to Korea in June. The local evaluation of Kim's paintings in the United States is receiving a unique review that both sides, neither oriental nor western, can feel exotic. Sensual coloring and bold oil painting techniques are also a combination of another image that emerged from the conflict between Jeju Island and the United States.

Hot interest among art collectors

Artist Kim Jae-yi, who made headlines by recording a complete sale with a painting "Jeju Hae-nyeo" at the Red Wing Art Gallery in Minnesota, is drawing keen attention from Korean art collectors, including recording a complete sale in two individual exhibitions in 2019.

In the third solo exhibition in Jeju in November 2020, 80% of the exhibits were sold even during the corona epidemic.

Episode about a haenyeo painting

It is said that the impression that Americans received when they saw Jeju haenyeo paintings is like a figure from Greek mythology. Will it be somewhere between God and humans?

Most of them were unaware of the existence of Korean haenyeo and said it was fresh.but some of them had an wrong understanding than Japanese female diver were earlier than Jeju Haenyoe.

Another reason she draws Haenyeo  includes a desire to let people know that Jeju haenyeo is an original one ahead of Japanese diver.

김재이 작가님.png


2016.03 Published an essay'I thought of you in Jeju'
2016.08 Brunch and Grafolio in series
2017.04 Cramong Co., Ltd. won the oil painting'Afterimage'
2017.10 Participated in Red Wing Art Gallery, USA
2018.02 Animal Freedom Solidarity Educational Fairy Tale Illustration
2018.08 Brunch Weekly Magazine Writer Selection
2018.09 Participated in the Fall Exhibition of Precut Orange Gallery, USA
2018.10 Elected Jeje's oil painting at Red Wing Art Gallery, USA
– Hosted by Red Wing Art Gallery in Minnesota, USA, at Sheldon Theater Exhibition Hall

Hosted an invited solo exhibition'Haenyeo' from March 22nd to May 15th
– Selected as an exclusive artist for'Gallery Daisy' in Jeju
Held an invited solo exhibition'Haenyeo's Chair' from June 12 at Jeju Gallery Daisy
– Participated in Daegu Art Fair
– Participated in Jeju Art Fair

Held a solo exhibition'Haenyeo 's Chair' from October 12th to November 2nd at Jeju Gallery Daisy


-Third solo exhibition from November 24th to December 10th at Jeju Gallery Daisy

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