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Introducing our Island Sea Grandma_Kim Bo-ra

Introducing our the island sea grandma.

Haenyeo grandma's sea trip, transformed into a whale underwater

We could feel the warm heart of the artist in all the paintings.

Although we met the beauty of Jeju haenyeo through various works, it is a picture fairy tale book that contains the heart of a child who loves grandmother.

Halla, who am I?

It is said that you can freely enjoy the world's beautiful nature in front of you. Jeju is truly a feast of trees stretching straight through the emerald sea and lush green forest.

Bora Kim's first picture book,'Halla, who am I?' Drew the preciousness and gratitude that the mountain gives us by expressing the natural life and ecological environment living together in the mountains.

Gifts from small tangerines

Introducing the sweet and sour Jeju tangerines.

When the blue green tangerines ripen yellow in the warm autumn sunlight, Jeju Island opens up a golden scenery and adds beauty.

Seeds sown in the soil take root, become trees and bear fruit, and the amazing changes in nature that gradually become beautiful in accordance with the seasons and our children who grow together in them can be good friends.


Bora Kim

Fairy tale writer, writing, drawing

She is a mother who draws the world she wants to show her children.

She majored in child care and completed Waldorf education at the Rudolf Steiner Anthropology Research Center in Korea.

She spent many years in the same space with our children, and she was able to grow up together while waiting for the beautiful change of the seasons, making fun with various materials presented by nature.


Touching the soil and feeling the scent of grass, She tried to capture the precious and noble time when nature and our children meet.

She would like to record and share the significance of a tree in the nature of Jeju, where the blue sea and clear wind blow.

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