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The story of a haenyeo by an artist born and raised in Jeju

Jeju haenyeo is a representative symbol of Jeju Island. In a barren environment, Jeju haenyeo lived a life with strong living power and wisdom. She went back and forth between land and sea, and sometimes went to far-off regions and seas of the country for diving. At the same time, they did not lose the community culture of sharing and caring for living together, and passed down wise folklore. In recognition of these values, in 2016,'Jeju Haenyeo Culture' was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as'Technology and culture that has been independently handed down in Jeju Island with a focus on haenyeo.

Alien haenyeo

Rather than explaining the traditional appearance and meirts  of haenyeo, the unique setting of'alien' was used so that children could approach haenyeo culture with curiosity and interest. It is interesting to see the story unfolding when the aliens'sun, moon, and stars' who visit Jeju Island meet a haenyeo grandmother. Although it is a content that stimulates imagination, it was considered not to damage the essence of the haenyeo culture.

Haenyeo who went to Blue Star

It is a series of picture books following 《The Alien Haenyeo》(2018, Han Gru).

In the previous work, the alien sun, moon, and star, who met Jeju haenyeo grandmothers and learned how to dive, reached out to Jeju haenyeos this time to protect the blue star. There were also children who wanted to become a haenyeo in Blue Star, and when the sea became sick with plastic and plastic, they asked the haenyeo grandmothers for help.

​To match the child's eye level

The'Alien Haenyeo Picture Book Series' was designed to convey the Jeju haenyeo culture to children in a fun way. It contains the value of the haenyeo culture according to the children's eye level, and conveys the way of living together without harming nature. We plan to continue the series with more interesting materials in the future.

This picture book was published under the support of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Haenyeo Cultural Heritage Division and the Jeju Culture and Arts Foundation's 2020 Haenyeo Culture Excellent Art Creation Support Project.

Kim Ran

Storybook writing, picture writer, storyteller

Born in 1964 in Sindo 1-ri, Jeju. She worked as a kindergarten teacher for a long time, and is now an honorary librarian at an elementary school library. It is also a fairy tale storyteller that tells fairy tales and Jeju myths.

His books include a fairy tale book 《Witch Beauty Salon》, a children's Jeju mythology book 《This mysterious Jeju myth》, an ebook 《Moonlight Pizza Shop》, a picture book ``Alien Haenyeo'', and ``Mongsaengi, Wrong Incident''.


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