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The writer's old dream

I draw pictures, create what I want to make, and create with my own unique personality. Making my own works that had been my long dream and being recognized for those works gave me so much strength in my life.

Most of the paintings are drawn on the theme of my childhood memories, my daughter and my dog, and Jeju.

What I aim for is not just about the glamour shown, but about a sensible life that I can empathize with awake. I hope everyone can be happy in this small dream-making place. by Kwon Gwon

How did you make the Haenyeo doll? 

The haenyeo that I saw in Jeju eight years ago, reminded of my parents who have been farming their entire life, and their attraction became the beginning of work for children. By matching the history of material clothes worn by haenyeo to dolls, I express haenyeo and haenam in a new sense, and I am creating works by painting with my own color.

For me, dolls are not just for decoration or for entertainment, but they mean like a resting place where you can rest for a while and receive comfort when life is tired.
When I was young, there weren't many dolls or toys in my family that I could play with. That's why I always had a thirst for dolls and pretty small items, but it seems that I used to get comfort from the few dolls I had and spend time together and make memories. I hope that the doll will give comfort to my child as well and become a resting place for her to build memories together.
by Kwon Gwon

The charm of handcrafts

I think the charm of creating what I want to express in my own way, even though I am clumsy, has come to me with a great sense of accomplishment.

There are some disadvantages that it never takes a short time to make it, but you can check it out as you go, and if there is something wrong, you can learn a better way to make it new. 

I think one of the attractions of hand-made is that even if several of the same works are produced, there are some changes that are not exact as if they are taken like a machine.

감각人네, Jeju handcraft shop

The artist expresses the life of Jeju Island through doll clothes and promotes Jeju culture. Jeju haenyeo's material clothes and various material props reveal their love for Jeju and express the world-class Jeju through dolls of various races. Another look of Jeju that the artist will create in the future is expected through material clothes and various props expressed according to race and texture of fabric.


Seonmi Kwon

Operating Jeju Handcraft shop, 감각人네

* Awards

2018, 2019 Haenyeo Cultural Contents Contest


* Participation in the exhibition

2018 Jehoju Commerce and Industry Fair

2019 Seoul International Handmade Fair


* Broadcast and interview

2019 handmade artist related interview

2020 Treasure Island Jeju appearance

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